Anuradha Singh

Master in Clinical Psychology

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Verified Therapist

Stress, Anxiety Family conflicts Trauma and abuse LGBTQ Self esteem Depression
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About me

I hold the distinction of being a gold medal recipient in Applied Psychology and hold licensure as a clinical practitioner with a rich background spanning over 7 years in the realm of psychology. My therapeutic approach is a bespoke tapestry woven to align with the unique requirements of each client. To achieve this, I draw upon a diverse array of methodologies including art therapy, narrative therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and mindfulness, among others.

Furthermore, I am formally certified in associate-level gestalt therapy and psychology. In addition to this, I have cultivated expertise in the practice of mandala art as a therapeutic tool, enabling individuals to express themselves and effectively manage challenges such as anxiety, depression, panic, and trauma. My client spectrum encompasses a wide age range, from 5-year-olds to individuals in their 40s, all grappling with a variety of issues including mild-moderate OCD, trauma, interpersonal relationship struggles, schizophrenia, personality development obstacles, and emotional complexities.

A hallmark of my practice involves the skillful administration of a range of assessment instruments and standardized scales. These tools not only enhance the credibility of the therapeutic process but also guide the direction of treatment. In summation, I am an advocate for viewing mental health care and management as an ongoing journey, rather than a response to isolated episodes. This perspective is pivotal for achieving comprehensive self-regulation and well-being.

Professional experience

7+yrs in practice

Areas of Experties: Stress and Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Couple/marriage Counselling, Negative Thinking, Self-esteem, LGBTQ, Anger Management, Troubling Emotions, ADHD, Motivation and Goals, Personal Empowerment,

Also experienced in: Family conflicts, Trauma and abuse, Relationship Issues, Fears and Phobias, Eating disorders, Sleeping disorders, Parenting issues, Issues related to Child development, Career difficulties, Obsessive Thoughts & Compulsive behaviours, Addiction issues, Motivation and Goals, Commitment Issues, Sexual wellnes, Dealing with Insecurities, Identity Issues, Communication Problems, Professional and Personal Growth


"Anuradha's guidance has transformed my life in unimaginable ways. Her insightful counseling helped me overcome my fears and anxieties, allowing me to lead a more confident and fulfilling life."

15 days ago

"Anuradha's empathetic nature and active listening skills create an environment where you feel truly heard and understood. Her ability to connect on a personal level is remarkable."

1 months ago

"As a psychologist, Anuradha possesses a remarkable ability to dissect complex issues and provide practical solutions. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me navigate difficult life decisions."

3 weeks ago

"Sharing my thoughts and concerns with Anuradha felt like confiding in a trusted friend. Her unwavering support and confidentiality made every session a safe space for self-expression and growth."

2 months ago

"Anuradha's holistic approach to counseling goes beyond traditional methods. She combines various techniques to provide a well-rounded and effective therapy experience."

15 days ago

"Anuradha's compassion knows no bounds. Her genuine concern for my well-being and her dedication to helping me heal made all the difference in my journey towards mental wellness."

2 months ago

"What sets Anuradha apart is her ability to tailor her counseling techniques to individual needs. Her understanding of my unique situation ensured that every session was relevant and impactful."

4 months ago

"Beyond her role as a psychologist, Anuradha became an inspiring mentor in my life. Her wisdom and encouragement motivated me to achieve personal and professional goals I once thought were unattainable."

6 months ago

"Anuradha's positive demeanor is contagious. Her sessions radiate optimism and hope, making even the most challenging topics feel manageable and conquerable."

3 months ago

"Working with Anuradha has been transformative. Her guidance has equipped me with lifelong coping skills and a deeper understanding of myself, paving the way for continued personal growth."

2 months ago

"Anuradha has been a guiding light in my journey towards better mental health and stronger relationships. Her empathetic and insightful counseling style helped me overcome challenges and rediscover my inner strength. I am truly grateful for her expertise and unwavering support."

8 months ago

"Anuradha's counseling has been transformative for me and my partner. Her ability to create a safe and nonjudgmental space allowed us to communicate openly and resolve long-standing issues. Our relationship is stronger than ever, and we owe it to her expertise."

11 months ago

"I was skeptical about seeking counseling, but Anuradha's warmth and professionalism quickly put me at ease. Her practical advice and effective techniques empowered me to manage my anxiety and improve my overall mental well-being."

9 months ago

"Anuradha is more than a counselor; she's a true healer. Her deep understanding of both psychological and relationship dynamics helped me navigate through a tough phase in my life. Her guidance has been invaluable."

7 months ago

"I can't thank Anuradha enough for her role in saving my marriage. Her perceptive insights and strategic interventions helped us break destructive patterns and build a healthier, more loving partnership. Her dedication is unparalleled."

8 months ago

"Working with Anuradha has been a turning point in my personal growth journey. Her holistic approach to mental health has helped me achieve a balance I never thought possible. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking positive change."

8 months ago

"As a young adult dealing with numerous challenges, Anuradha's counseling was a lifeline. She combines wisdom with relatability, making every session impactful. I've gained confidence, coping skills, and a renewed sense of hope under her guidance."

10 months ago

"Anuradha's guidance has been instrumental in helping me overcome past traumas and develop healthier relationships. Her ability to listen without judgment and offer practical solutions is a testament to her expertise in the field."

6 months ago

"Anuradha's approach is refreshingly effective. She not only helped me understand my thought patterns but also provided actionable steps to improve my relationships and overall mental well-being. Her authenticity and compassion shine through in every session."

9 month ago

"Anuradha's counseling is a true investment in one's own happiness and growth. Her ability to uncover underlying issues and gently guide me towards resolution has been life-changing. I am immensely grateful for her dedication to her clients' well-being."

1 year ago

"I have found a safe haven at Anuradha Psychology and Counselling. Their unique approach combines empathy and science, helping me navigate life's challenges with a newfound clarity and resilience. I'm truly grateful for their unwavering support."

8 months ago

"Anuradha's approach to psychology and counselling is refreshingly different. Their sessions are a perfect blend of compassion and evidence-based strategies, offering me practical tools to address my anxieties and improve my overall well-being."

5 months ago

"Choosing Anuradha for my counselling needs was one of the best decisions I've made. Their holistic approach considers every aspect of my life, and their personalized guidance has empowered me to make positive changes that have significantly enhanced my mental health."

2 months ago

"As someone who was initially skeptical about therapy, Anuradha's approach has completely changed my perspective. Their sessions are collaborative and tailored to my unique needs, making me feel understood and supported on my journey towards self-discovery."

3 months ago

"Anuradha's psychology and counselling approach goes beyond traditional methods. Through their innovative techniques, I've not only addressed my inner struggles but also learned valuable life skills that have improved my relationships and boosted my self-confidence."

4 months ago

"The team at Anuradha has a genuine passion for helping others, and it truly shows in their approach. Their sessions are a blend of professionalism and warmth, creating an environment where I feel comfortable sharing and growing. I wholeheartedly recommend their services."

6 momths ago

"Anuradha's approach is like a breath of fresh air in the world of psychology. Their focus on fostering a strong therapeutic alliance while utilizing evidence-based practices has been instrumental in my personal development journey. I'm thankful for their guidance."

2 months ago

"I've attended various counselling sessions before, but Anuradha's approach stands out. Their emphasis on mindfulness and self-compassion has taught me to navigate life's challenges with grace. Their support has been transformative, and I can't thank them enough."

1 months ago

"Anuradha's psychology and counselling approach respects the individuality of each client. Their inclusive and non-judgmental environment has allowed me to openly address my concerns. Their guidance has helped me grow both emotionally and mentally."

3 months ago

"Anuradha's unique blend of psychological expertise and genuine care has made a significant impact on my life. Their approach isn't just about solving immediate issues; it's about equipping you with the skills to lead a more fulfilling and resilient life. I highly recommend their services."

2 months ago

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